New Instagram account to celebrate Sant Jordi

We’d like to celebrate Sant Jordi with you, so we’ve created an Instagram account where we want to share your photos of how Catalans celebrate Sant Jordi in different parts of the US.

Are you a Catalan living in the US? Do you live in Catalonia and want to show to people in the US how you celebrate Sant Jordi? Do you want to send a message to Catalans living in the US to wish them a Happy Saint George’s Day? 
Share your pictures with us at along with the message you want to share and your Instagram user (if you have one) so we can tag you. We will pick the best ones and publish them in our Instagram account from April 23rd to April 28th, when we will celebrate Sant Jordi at the Kensington Day of the Book Festival.
And make sure you follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss any of the photos!

You don’t know what Sant Jordi is? You can find information on this beautiful Catalan tradition on these sites: