Advocacy Strategies in the US training session

Saturday, December 10th
11 am to 4pm ET

ANC-USA is offering a free training session designed to empower ANC members and sympathizers in the US to advance Catalan self-determination by helping influence US policy.
We will learn from the UNPO about how to discuss self-determination with an international audience. We will then strategize how, together and individually, we can frame the Catalan cause to be received by our target audience here in the US.

This training course is offered by Ralph Bunche – UNPO General Secretary – and an expert on the subject. Ralph represents the UNPO and manages its Dutch and US foundations. He is a human rights lawyer who has worked with governments, businesses, and civil society worldwide on international law, criminal justice, and human rights issues.

For more information and to register:

Advocacy Training

Everyone Should Expect The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Consul in Edinburgh has been fired after a letter was made public, in which he wrote ‘Entry into the EU does not depend at all in waiting in a queue,’ and that the club can be joined ‘if the economic and political conditions required by all the treaties that regulate it are fulfilled’. Also stating that the Spanish government position ‘has always been’ not to block Scotland’s entry into the EU ‘if independence is legally achieved’.

These statements contradict what Spain has officially been repeating as a Damocles sword over Scotland, threatening with blocking its re-entry into the EU. The Spanish opposition to a re-entry has also been repeatedly used as a deterrent for Catalonia’s own independence aspirations. This episode illustrates once again how Spain immediately acts against anyone telling the truth or stating something that contradicts Spain’s fake arguments against pro-independence views.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Catalan elected officials, civil society leaders, UN experts on Arbitrary Detentions, or even their own consuls. There’s no space for freedom of expression in Spain, if it contradicts the unionist point of view.

At this point, everyone should expect the Spanish Inquisition.