Sant Jordi (St George’s Day)- Day of the Book and the Rose in Kensington, Maryland, on April 28, 2019

Last Sunday the community of Kensington, MD, hosted its annual Festival of the Book that drew thousands of visitors. The Catalan National Assembly in the USA & Friends of Catalonia in the US participated for the 1st time.

Under our yellow canopy -with banners asking for the freedom of our political prisoners- the team of volunteers entertained hundreds of passersby and costumers, telling them about Catalonia, explaining Sant Jordi’s Day -which inspired the Kensington Festival- and conversing about the current political situation in Catalonia.

We sold books on Catalan politics and society in English, translations of Catalan novels and had a free book exchange of books written in the Catalan language. We also gave roses (natural and origami ones) and distributed pamphlets with information on the Catalan language.

It was a sunny day with lots of fun, community building and a great opportunity to bring Catalonia closer to this freedom-loving, cultured community.